Is Christmas Break a Good Time to Go to the Dentist?

Christmas break is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Your kids are home and you get to make great memories together as a family. Even if you have a jam packed schedule during Christmas break, it’s a good idea to try to fit in a trip to the dentist.

Whether you or your kid needs a professional exam or cleaning or you’ve been putting off a procedure that you need to get done, Christmas break is the perfect time to do it. You can get your teeth sparkly white, clean, and healthy so that you can attend holiday festivities in complete confidence.

Most dental offices are very accommodating during Christmas break so if you have a free day or hour or two to spare, call up your dentist and make an appointment. Of course, appointments fill up quickly during this time so the sooner you call, the more likely your dentist is able to get you in.

It’s better to get your dental visit out of the way before the New Year hits and your kids are back in school and you’ve got other priorities to worry about. Also, many dental offices are decked out in Christmas decorations and offer contests that are specifically geared toward the holiday season. So, you might as well come to the dentist during this time to enjoy the lively office and everything it has to offer.

In addition, going to the dentist during Christmas break can give you the opportunity to review your dental benefits before they expire and determine whether you want to keep them for next year.

If you or your kid faces a dental emergency during Christmas break like a toothache, knocked out teeth, or abscess, an emergency dentist will be available and able to resolve the issue right away.


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