Is Charlotte Better To Live Than Raleigh?

Every single year we read articles and studies that show Raleigh and Charlotte as two of the top places to live in not only the state of North Carolina but the entire country. It is interesting to see all the small towns and cities throughout each area that are ranked at the top as well. Cary, Apex, Concord and others are touted as the place to raise a family.

School systems, a strong university system and a solid economy make both Raleigh and Charlotte attractive. What often determines the North Carolina city for most people is the industry in which they are employed. Those in banking and finance find many more lucrative jobs in the Charlotte area. Those in high education, medicine or government are going to find jobs in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area.

It is interesting that the growing cities are causing people like Charlotte, NC orthodontist Dr. Chad Johnson to reconsider his growth plans. Ten years ago, no one expected dental and orthodontic offices in the Charlotte area to have multiple locations because there was such a demand. Harrisburg, NC dentist Dr. Brian McNeely has told us that expansion is almost necessary as there is no way a single office can keep pace with the demand in the Charlotte area.

In the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area, there are an abundance of dentists and orthodontists as UNC Dental School is in the heart of the Triangle. There are also a number of oral health professionals that when to VCU in Richmond, Virginia which is a quick three hour drive away to Raleigh.

No matter where people choose to live in North Carolina, we are certain that both Raleigh and Charlotte will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. There are dozens of amazing universities in the state and high schools and middle schools do a great job of preparing students to take the step to higher education. This makes it obvious that North Carolina will continue to grow. Dentist in Garner, NC Dr. Adam Moore has told us that he expects small towns like Garner to double in population over the next decade.


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