Voice Activated Eyeglasses are Coming to Amazon

Eyeglasses serve a very important purpose for those of us with vision problems. Well, now, glasses are enabling us to do more than just see with the help of the new Amazon Echo Frames Eyeglasses. These voice-activated eyeglasses could be yours for the price of $180 and give you the ability to transform your daily look with no extra charge.

So, why do we need voice activated eyeglasses?

Just like the Amazon Echo, the Alexa bot is intended to make tasks more accessible, make phone calls and play audio. Essentially, the glasses are meant to bridge the gap between electronics by making phone calls, or playing audio music “hands-free”. When on the go, you lose some accessibility to Alexa if you aren’t in the office or have a smartphone available and the Echo Frames are intended to provide consumers with the availability to Alexa while running errands or taking transportation to and from work.

According to John Brandon, a columnist of Inc., the Echo Frames must be paired with an Android phone and are incompatible with iOS (iPhone users). The optometrists at LA Eye and Laser in Monroe, Louisiana are very excited about this potential and can’t wait to try it out.

Imagining a world where eyeglasses serve a purpose for things far greater than eyesight may sound crazy, but it is quite brilliant. If tasks can be done using voice activation (Alexa) without even touching a smartphone, this could help to put a stop to those of us addicted to the phone screen and save time because a phone won’t even be needed for certain tasks. For some, the new glasses may take some getting used to, but it is no doubt that Amazon is definitely revolutionizing a newfound need for eyeglasses.

While information is not known at this time that eye doctors will be carrying the Amazon Echo Frames, be on the lookout for the release of this new product! You will likely see them at San Antonio eye doctor locations as well as throughout the state of Texas.


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