Raleigh Church Donates Vegetables

Churches in the Raleigh area are always on the lookout for ways to help the local community and make it a better place. Asbury Church on Creedmoor Rd. is no exception. Asbury Church has gathered a team of volunteers to harvest fresh produce from many flower beds that used to beautify the church’s softball field.

Once all of the okra, peppers, collards, and other veggies are weighed and bagged, they are placed in a pickup truck so they can be hauled to Logan’s One Stop Garden Shop.
As soon as the produce arrives at Logan’s One Stop Garden Shop, it is stored in a large freezer.

The purpose of Logan’s Plant a Row program is to provide relief to the hungry individuals and families who call the Triangle home. It was introduced in 2008 when Logan’s partnered with the Interfaith Food Shuttle and Reach Wounded Veterans (REA) to distribute donations to local families in need. In 2019, the organization has collected 22, 656 pounds of food, which was donated by 46 community gardens and 70 families.

Asbury Church started their garden in 2011 to make better use of their softball field that was getting minimal use. Since then, the church has donated 61, 186.16 pounds of produce to Plant a Row as well as other organizations like the Salvation Army.

While about half of the individuals who help Asbury Church take care of its garden are members, the remainder are community residents as well as various organizations such as those who make custom church steeples who believe in what the church is trying to do and want to support it.

Asbury Church encourages anyone who is interested in making a positive difference in the community through fresh produce to come out and join their team of volunteers at any time. The more the merrier.


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