North Carolina Welder Receives $2.4 Million in Worker’s Compensation

After quite some time, a welder in North Carolina collected $2.47 million in workers compensation. The man fell from a platform while performing his job duties and sustained a severe brain injury.

Since he was an immigrant, his family didn’t know whether they could file a claim on his behalf. Fortunately, Spanish interpreters were able to communicate with the family, find out what happened, and educate them on their legal options.

The main reason the case took so long was because the law firm wanted to fully understand the extent of the man’s injuries and how they would affect his future. They needed documentation from his doctor as well as testimony from his family.

Although the man did get better with treatment, the doctor stated that his injuries would affect him permanently. He will need special care and treatment for the rest of his life. Therefore, the $2.47 million was placed in two trusts so that the man could pay for his personal and medical needs throughout his lifetime.

So, who is required to have workers’ compensation in North Carolina? Employers with three or more employees must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance is administered by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC) and provides benefits for injured workers in the state.

While workers’ compensation claims are meant to be easy to pursue, the man’s permanent injury and language barrier prolonged the process. If you or a loved one gets hurt on the job and would like to pursue a workers’ compensation claim, it’s a good idea to work with a North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer who is well-versed in workers’ compensation laws can can ensure the process goes smoothly. With legal representation by your side, you can also reduce the risk of a claim denial and ensure your rights are protected.


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