New Exits are Coming to the 40/42 Exit in Johnston County

If you commute from Johnston County to Raleigh on interstate 40 on a regular basis, rest assured that relief is on its way thanks to plans by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

In a few years, you can expect more lanes added to I-40. There will be two lanes in each direction to an 11-mile stretch of I-40 from N.C. 42 to merge with I-440. In addition, the Department of Transportation will reconfigure a new traffic pattern to resolve the congestion on the N.C. 42 interchange. It will give drivers the chance to get on and off at Cleveland Road.

There are plans to complete this project in 2022. The state hopes that it will take care of traffic issues until 2040, at least. If this project affects your commute, you’ll be glad to learn that the Department of Transportation will keep the same number of lanes open during the construction phase. However, you should still expect a delay because there will be lower speed limits and less shoulders.

The state will have to take down a few houses as well as a wooded area behind West View Elementary School to meet its goals for the N.C. 42 project. Essentially, the Department of Transportation is focused on building two interchanges in one.

Here’s how this will work: A driver who is getting off eastbound I-40 will be able to get on N.C. 42 or stay on the new section of the ramp, which will be parallel to Cleveland Rd. The purpose of this configuration is to resolve one of the main reasons for congestion: Most drivers getting off at N.C. even though they really want to get on Cleveland Rd.

If you’d like more information on road construction projects in North Carolina, visit the North Carolina Department of Transportation website.


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