KidZoom Toys Opens at 40/42 in Garner

In late August 2018, KidZoom Toys made its debut in Garner. The store sells fun, family-friendly toys that are appropriate for kids of all ages. The owner of KidZoom Toys, Chad Reynolds explained that there are many violent or inappropriate toys on the market.

KidZoom Toys was created so that parents could take their kids to the toy store without worrying about what they may see. He is a parent of seven children and feels very strongly about kids in the Garner community being exposed to the right things. The store’s mission is to “provide quality toys that are both totally fun and convey a positive message.” Reynolds is hopeful that parents and kids will enjoy their time at the store.

Since big name toy stores like Toys R Us and local stores such as Stone’s Education & Toys are shutting down, KidZoom Toys fills a significant need in Garner. There are no other toy stores within the 20 to 30 minute radius. If you live or work in the Garner area and are in need of a toy for your child, this is a great find.

KidZoom Toys is located at 5588 NC Highway 42W in Garner, in Cleveland Commons, right next to Dairy Queen. Parents can bring their kids in for some toy store fun any time Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

This store is a great option if you’re a parent who like the idea of taking your child to a store rather making online purchases on their behalf. It can be a good way to reward them for achieving a developmental milestone, getting good grades, completing their chores, or winning a sporting event. An experience at KidZoom Toys may be just what they need to stay on their best behavior year-round.


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